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May 10, 2018
What to expect – a route review from the trail builder
May 31, 2018

What is your excuse?

Need some inspiration to ride? How is this heart-warming tale:

“We first rode in 2017 and it was a long time in the making,” explains Gerhard Labuschagne. “Lizette (my wife’s) father grew up in McGregor and she spent many Christmas holidays there over the years.  Her father passed away some seven years ago, and when we heard of the race for the first time in 2015, she said it would be fantastic riding in memory of her father in his home town.”

That year the ride didn’t materialise for the couple because of schedule clashes. They however planned to ride in 2016, when disaster struck. “In April that year my wife was diagnosed with an Arnold Chiari malformation requiring emergency brain surgery,” says Gerhard.  That unfortunately was not the end. Three weeks after the initial surgery she had to be operated on, again. “She again had emergency surgery after developing a subdural hematoma,” Gerhard says, explaining that the doctors told them to sell her bike. “She’ll never ride again, they said.”

“Anyway, she persisted and in 2017 we finally made it to Ride2Nowhere,” says Gerhard.

The pair loved the vibe and the exclusivity of it. “The trails are absolutely amazing with breathtaking views.  The routes were challenging, but not impossible and the climbs were the most fun of all!”

According to Gerhard the fact that the race has a central base and they can sleep comfortably in the guesthouse of their choice is a definite plus. That, and the waterpoints, the vibe and food is what attracts them back:

“Wine at waterpoints … who can ask for anything better?”

“Oh, and then there was Con – we really enjoyed his pre-race briefings, it got everyone into the right mood for an enjoyable evening and a fun ride the next day,” he says.

“The food and hospitality of the ‘tannies’ and ‘ooms’ feeding us were great.  The food really was good and more than enough. This probably is one of the few races where you go fit and leave fat,” he says.

The two are looking forward to being back in September. What is your excuse?