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August 14, 2017
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November 8, 2017

Ride nature trails for free, for a good cause

South African cyclists – road riders and mountain bikers alike – are some of the luckiest in the
world, being blessed with a cornucopia of different routes and terrains. And now, they have the
chance to do good, and benefit from it too.

In the build-up to the annual Ride2Nowhere Race, Pedal Power Association (PPA) and
Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) have partnered with tech giant WeChat and cycling app
Engena to bring you, the cyclist, a chance to ride for free, and also contribute to a local
community’s upliftment.

“The process is simple; download the WeChat app for iOS or Android in the app store. Register
with Engena’s WeChat OA, then purchase a day permit to ride the
Jonkershoek, Helderberg Farm, Greyton-Genadendal, Marloth or True Grid trail,” says Erik
Kleinhans (AKA Lion King), international pro cyclist and Engena ambassador. “The cost for
each of these trails roughly comes to R50,00 and the transaction is efficient, seamless and

Here’s where the cool part comes in; for every trail permit you buy, Engena donates R50,00 to a
trust fund, and gives you R50,00 cash back (yes, really).

The trust fund is allocated to Young Warriors – an incentive started by WeChat and
Ride2Nowhere in September 2016 – to purchase new bicycles. Young Warriors aims to uplift
youth in poverty-stricken communities by teaching grade 8-12 learners the joy of cycling, and
even entering them into races.

“Both PPA and BEN will match each bike purchased by Young Warriors via the trust fund by
donating a bike to Young Warriors,” Kleinhans says.

It gets even better, though. For each permit you purchase, you stand a chance of winning a free
entry to the three-day Ride2Nowehere race in Mcgregor, from Friday, 8 to Sunday, 10
September! Entries to the race have already closed, so think of this as your very last chance at
securing a spot.

“We trust riders will jump at the opportunity, as the concept of donating to a good cause while
getting reimbursed simultaneously is an opportunity that is just too good to pass up on,” says
Erik. “As any true rider knows, the real fun in cycling only happens when the joy is shared
among many.”