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April 4, 2018
Ride2Nowhere Legends!
May 10, 2018

Finding Nowhere

and three other unexpected reasons to enter Ride2Nowhere


1. It actually goes somewhere

Okay, not really. But – and bare with us through the brief history lesson – the event takes it’s name
from the road that runs from Robertson to McGregor. This ‘road to nowhere’ was originally planned
to run through the mountains all the way to Greyton, and from there on to Cape Town.

Wisdom at the time (circa 1861) thought it apt that another town be built on this road.

This town was originally called Lady Grey, after the wife of the Governor of the Cape. In 1902, the
local Dutch Reformed Church congregation gained independence from its Robertson counterpart.
The congregation called itself after the recently retired Reverend Andrew McGregor, who had
overseen the Lady Grey ward for 40 years. However, the road to Greyton was never completed,
and in 1906 the town adopted the name McGregor officially.

So now you know. But, while the event takes its name from the road, the connotations run far
deeper. “The idea is for riders to go into ‘nowhere’,” says Race Organiser Eulogy van Dyk,
explaining how the routes take riders into some very remote areas and a large portion of the trails
are not open to the public, having been created exclusively for the Ride2Nowhere.

2. It’s a weekend for the whole family

There are options. You can ride as a team (women, men, mixed) or solo. Also, you don’t have to
ride the ‘long’ route. If you are a mountain biker at heart, but not as fit as you would like to be, or
not up for 60km per day, the 40km short route is for you. It’s still ‘real’ mountain biking and the
routes remain technical and tough, just not that far.

Both routes are designed on a clover leaf format with each day’s start & finish from the same
venue in McGregor. The short route is also open to younger riders, with anyone older than 16
allowed to enter.

If your partner is not a mountain biker, there are spectator points daily from where they can cheer
you on. Supporter meal packages are available for adults and kids, and with relatively short riding
times every day, you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the afternoon with your family.
And remember, if your significant other is a trail runner, then there is of course the 6 and 12km fun
trail run event on the Saturday.

3. It’s arty

As in the town. You can trace it back as far as you like and theorise on why (the fresh mountain air;
the peace; the quiet; or the inspirational beauty of the surroundings)? What rings true for sure
though is that creative and spiritual people have gravitated to the area for decades. This has
resulted in the town becoming something of a permanent art route. Wander in wonder through the
various small galleries, installations and studios. Interact with the creatives when you’re there and
you’ll be ever the richer for the experience. More info here: www.mcgregorvillage.co.za/the-arts

4. Wine

If the vibe is good, the wine is even better. Take it from 2017 team category winner Erik Kleinhans.
Lord’s Wines has been spoiling participants with award winning wine every year, and if you are one
of those riders that like to take your time and enjoy all the snacks and drinks at the water points –
there is even a glass available as well! There are various other boutique estates in the area that
offer tastings and experiences. Make a note of Beminde, Tanagra and McGregor Wines. Plan your
post-stage recovery around those, head up a day or two early or stay a bit longer. More info here.